Carlisle Air Parts


Carlisle Air Parts has evolved over a period of many decades, starting in 1955 when Billy Carlisle Sr.  opened his doors at 1049 New Laredo Hwy on the south side of San Antonio. He then began specializing in the Automotive Air Conditioning field in 1960. Using a unique approach to the market, sales and service of air conditioning consisted of recycled parts from salvage facilities. These parts were refurbished and made available as one of the largest sources of air conditioning parts and units in south Texas.  A reputation developed that recognized the company as a leader in the field and a major source of supply.

In 1969 the aftermarket industry of air conditioning units had given way to factory installed air conditioning and Carlisle’s began sourcing and supplying quality replacement parts and units from major manufacturers throughout the US.  As a direct source from the manufacturer, Carlisle’s began distribution to jobbers and dealers throughout the Central and South Texas area.

In 1978, the company was partnered with the current parent company of Evapocore, Inc., and rebuilt evaporators were supplied to almost every air conditioning company in the country.  This quality product was superior to original equipment because of the unique coating applied making the cores impervious to erosion from the acids present in air conditioning systems.

In 1983 a substantial investment in warehousing and rebuilding again set another level in the industry and Carlisle’s CAAW Parts brand was introduced.  Expanding to two locations allowed for the continued operation of EVAPOCORE brand evaporators and eventually the small parts line of “COOL-AID” air conditioning parts.

In 1987, the “COOL-AID” line of “nuisance” parts incorporated seals and gaskets that were vehicle specific in a single pack that eliminated the frustration of unavailable or incorrect seals and gaskets. This division of Carlisle’s was sold to a International Company; Motormite/Dorman Products, in 1989 and set the stage for vehicle specific seal assortments that is widely used today.

Currently, Carlisle Air Parts, Carlisle Air & Automotive, Evapocore, Inc., and the two wholesale parts centers supply quality air conditioning parts and related products in San Antonio, and the greater south Texas area along with internet sales that have included countries like Saudi Arabia and France. Quality has been imperative in the evaluation process for products carried along with pricing that is beyond competitive.